The first impression on your hotel is always by the furniture you choose. Your hotel furniture talks about the hotel, the type of place and also about your hospitality. Regular chairs and couches are out of fashion now. Give a break to your hotel from all those boring regular furniture. Try adopting a different theme to your hotel and see the difference. Many hotels, restaurants and cafes usually do not pay much interest in selecting themes. But they are the ones that help giving your hotel a different feel. Themes can be either a French style, American vintage style or the stylish European range. French style would be very good because of their simple styles of chairs, couches etc. Solid and classical French hotel furniture is very common. Especially in boutique hotels it is not unseen. If you not wish to try the French style then you can go for the American hotel furniture. Long ago it was a huge rage, but then it slowly faded now. It is back in to the fashion these days. Starting from funky table designs and stylish chairs, you can use the American style for buying your hotel furniture. Just like with fashion, vintage styles are back in a big way and now you can have tables and chairs to match your style. Either the French or the American style can add a difference to your hotel.